Cumunista is a free browser porn game themed around erotic conquest, sexual liberty and sensual allure. Developed and published by PMM, Cumunista aims to be the only title of choice people consider when they want to enjoy something that's a perfect fusion of gaming and porn. After all, what's the point of just having one when you can enjoy both at the same time? That's the very philosophy we live by day to day at Cumunista!

Yes. Our project was built from the ground up with the stipulation that it had to be free to play. We care very much about accessibility, as well as accountability, which is why we felt that this was the best method to go for with regard to our publishing method and monetization ambitions.

If you are visiting Cumunista from a country that has strict laws regarding underage access to pornography, we are required to ensure that anyone being offered access to our free to play game is over the age of eighteen. As such, we check the validity of cards to ensure legal compliance.

Yes. Alongside a full commitment to the single player campaign and experience, Cumunista comes with additional multiplayer features for all players.

Yes. Although we will be honest with you: the ratio in this regard heavily favors guys, although perhaps not quite as much as you would initially suspect. Based on the voluntary data we have, around thirty-one percent of active users in the last month self-identified as women. Could be worse, right?

Currently, Cumunista is available to be played on literally any device that has functionality for modern versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Lower-end machines will have their graphics adjusted accordingly however, so we cannot promise that someone running a toaster from a decade ago will be able to enjoy Cumunista in its full high definition glory that we typically benchmark our scenarios and character models around. Sorry not sorry.

Yes. One of our chief developers is a massive believer in community input and loves the custom modding done on titles such as Battlefield Two, CS:S and Skyrim. As a result, he maintains an entire section on the forums devoted to helping people mod the game for themselves. You can create custom scenarios, fiddle with the physics, add your own objects and much more. We also have a Discord channel if you need any help with modding.

Sort of. You can choose to download a version of Cumunista to your PC or Mac device that will run without an active Internet connection (although settings, features and progress won't synchronize until you do come online again). Additionally, the browser edition of Cumunista has an offline mode setting, which will quickly download all of the assets you need (around half a GB currently) and you can continue to play straight from the browser if you so desire. This option also saves most of your progress and choices to your cookies, so make sure you have them enabled and use the same browser if you want to synchronize everything again. There is no offline LAN feature, nor do we plan to add one, since it's unlikely to ever be used.

Yes. Your connection to Cumunista is always HTTPS. We do not allow HTTP access to ensure that you always have a secure line to our servers.

No. You access and play Cumunista through your browser, with support offered for Firefox, Safari and Chrome. An optional download is available.

Rest assured that Cumunista is managed and maintained by PMM, and we'll only ever link you to third-party sources that actually carry our title and assist with server loading issues that we can sometimes have during periods of peak demand. It's like Cloudflare, but for popular porn games.