Cumunista is an indie adult game with the most advanced 3D graphical rendering in the industry. Try the next generation of porn gaming now – it's free!


Cumunista has been developed with one philosophy: offer the best pornographic video game currently on the market and let people play it completely free of charge! Now our sex game is out of closed beta, it's time for you to try out Cumunista yourself.




With the power of Real-D™, we've been able to create one of the most visually stunning and immersive porn games to ever hit the market. Not only does it look fantastic, but it's fully optimized so almost all devices are capable of running Cumunista.




For the longest time, the games industry has been unwilling to invest heavily into the porn gaming genre. We always found that a little strange at PMM, since two of the things that guys love more than anything else is sex and video games – so why was it difficult to see that if you combine the two together, you receive something truly epic and worthy of attention? The good news is that we no longer need to wonder about these types of things, because now there actually are studios devoted to adult sex games – ours being one of them! It's been a long time coming, but we've finally rounded out our alpha and closed beta and now it's time to go ahead and share Cumunista with the world. We have a lot of cautious optimism with this one and think that out of all the XXX games currently available on the Web, this is the best of the bunch. Still, we don't plan to rest on our laurels: every day, our team is hard at work, adding new features, patching issues and ensuring that for many years into the future, Cumunista is prepared and equipped to help folks out that want to jerk off to the best porn gaming experience possible.

One element of Cumunista that we want to stress above all others is that it's completely free of charge to sign up and play our game – for as long as you want! This isn't a trial, this isn't a demo: it's an offer to give you a genuine free sex game that you can enjoy until the end of times. Cumunista is following in the footsteps of other popular free to play games like World of Warships, Paladins and Warframe – it's clear to us that the freemium model can be profitable and that's why we're eager to see how it does with an adult porn game focus. We're confident after playing Cumunista for a while, you'll want to support the developers.

So, what are you waiting for? Signing up takes just a few moments and since Cumunista is compatible with all devices, you'll be able to play it on your Windows PC, Android phone or iOS tablet. If you've got Firefox, Chrome or Safari, you're good to go!


Our animated free adult game is not only able to be played without handing over any cash, but you can also try it out on literally any device with a browser. We understand that there is extensive skepticism toward free online sex games, which is why we wanted to ensure that no one had to download anything if they didn't want to. As a result, we built Cumunista on a framework that's suitable to be played directly through the three major browsers: Firefox, Safari and Chrome. You may find that other browsers are able to run Cumunista too, although please note that we only officially support the three mentioned.

In addition to our browser-based copy of Cumunista, you can also download a local file for Windows and Mac computers. This feature is entirely optional and always will be. The only difference between this edition and the browser version is support for higher resolutions and offline gameplay. Aside these few small differences, it's exactly the same free adult game!


Whether you want to play it solo or join in with others, Cumunista gives you the functionality and features to do both. The team also manages an official Discord server that can connect you with folks from all over the world for specialized experiences and themes. We happen to have a large cohort of users that enjoy BDSM – they even communicate in private voice channels to enhance their experience! Cumunista is trying to be a porn game that goes one step ahead of every other title in the space because we believe that this niche has been severely underappreciated for a long time. We have our fingers crossed, but also a heck of a lot of confidence that our work will pay off in the long run. Our multiplayer experience is just one example of the steps that PMM will take to give users an adult sex game of the future, but do so right now – since that's when everyone wants it!


We've licensed usage of a technology known as Real-D™ that allows us to provide what we consider to be the most lifelike graphics out of any game presently on the market. From the inception of our title, we knew that the style of the artwork and overall feel of the graphics was going to be the most important element. Not only did we want a 'lifelike' approach, but it had to look magnificent to boot. Take a look at our preview screenshots and see for yourself: aren't these some of the most delicious rendered sex scenes you've ever seen? Real-D™ allows us to reach our ambitious targets for graphical quality and allure.

We challenge anyone to go out there and find a better looking adult sex game – good luck, you'll certainly need it!